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Poor oral health linked to higher blood pressure

According to new research in the American Heart Association's journal Hypertension, people with high blood pressure are more likely to benefit from their medication if they have good oral health. This study looked at medical and dental records of more than 3600 people with high blood pressure, and showed that people with healthier gums [...]

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Why go to a Kois trained dentist?

Drs Graas and Swanlund are both graduates of the Kois Center in Seattle (Dr. Punnett is well on her way, having completed over 50% of the courses). Our patients often ask us what the Kois Center is, so here goes! The Kois Center is an evidence based teaching center with the latest advances in [...]

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Water Fluoridation in Calgary

What is fluoride? Fluoride is a mineral found naturally in our water, air, food and soil. In low concentrations, fluoride in drinking water prevents dental cavities and improves oral health. In Canada, the recommended amount of fluoride is 0.7 mg/L in drinking water. This has been shown to be the effective therapeutic [...]

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The Truth About Dental X-Rays

Ever wondered how much radiation is in dental x-rays? How often should you have them taken? Why do dentists want to take them? Radiation from dental x-rays varies depending on the type of equipment your dentist uses. In our clinic, we have the most up to date digital x-ray sensors which allow us to [...]

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Cannabis and Oral Health

Cannabis has been a hot topic in the media this week, as Canada has become the second country to make the sale and use of recreational marijuana legal on October 17th, 2018. Uruguay made recreational cannabis legal in 2013. Evidence-based research suggests that there are certain indications for the medical use of cannabinoids. As [...]

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What is Xylitol and How Does it Prevent Cavities?

Xylitol is an effective anti-cavity agent and also potentiates the effects of even small amounts of fluoride. However, it is rarely found in dental care products at an effective concentration due to cost. In order to provide therapeutic benefit, the product should have a minimum concentration of 10% xylitol. While xylitol may be listed on [...]

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An Update On Oral Cancer

According to a new study released from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) is now the most common HPV-associated cancer in the United States. This report looked at the incidence of HPV associated cancers from 1999-2015, and found that while the cervical cancer incidence is decreasing (in [...]

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Start The School Year Off With A Smile!

Here are some tips to keep your child's teeth strong and healthy as we start a new school year: A dental exam and cleaning is a great part of your back to school routine. Your dentist may suggest fluoride treatments or sealants to reduce risk of cavities and save your child from pain and lost [...]

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