Do You Find Having Your Teeth Cleaned Painful And Unpleasant?

There is a better way: Guided Biofilm Therapy

After over 50 years of cleaning teeth the same way, it is time for a more comfortable solution. Leading dental experts along with Switzerland’s EMS Medical have dedicated years of clinical research to bring you a brighter, healthier smile. Now at our office, you can enjoy a pain-free, more effective teeth cleaning through Guided Biofilm Therapy.

A Cleaner Mouth Means Better Health. Ask Us To Schedule Your Next Cleaning with Guided Biofilm Therapy.

Guided Biofilm Therapy

A Note From Dr. Jennifer Graas

“It feels more like a spa experience than a teeth cleaning appointment.”

“At Eau Claire Park Dental, we always stay up to date with the latest technology to give you the best experience for your dental care. Just like you, I never looked forward to getting my teeth cleaned. My teeth are sensitive, so it can be uncomfortable, and sometimes even painful.

I tried Guided Biofilm Therapy and was amazed. My mouth has never felt cleaner, and the best part – it leaves my teeth one shade whiter.

Why Biofilm Must Be Removed, 100%

Harmful bacteria thrive in biofilm (commonly referred to as plaque). These bacteria are the main cause of tooth decay, gum disease and tooth loss. They are also associated with over 57 systemic diseases, such as:

It is critical that these bacteria be completely removed to ensure a healthy mouth and body. However, at-home brushing and traditional teeth cleaning methods only remove about 50% of the biofilm. Through Guided Biofilm Therapy, the biofilm is made visible on the teeth so that it can be completely removed with this new technology.

Meet The Game Changer for your Oral Health

You deserve a modern, patient-friendly approach to lifelong oral health. Guided Biofilm Therapy is an 8 step evidence based systematic protocol for cleaning teeth in a more effective, efficient and comfortable way.

GBT is truly minimally invasive, and reduces the need for hand and sonic/ultrasonic instrumentation. It is safe, effective and gentle to the teeth and soft tissues, implants and restorations.

Guided Biofilm Therapy

Has It Been Longer Than 6 Months Since You Had Your Teeth Cleaned? Book With Us For a Better Oral Health Experience Today.

Introducing the 8-Step Guided Biofilm Therapy Protocol

Enjoy Smiling One Shade Whiter With The Cleaning Power of Guided Biofilm Therapy

Give Your Teeth the Gift of Gentle Cleaning.

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