In light of current events, we wanted to make sure we are taking every precaution possible in order to ensure our patient and team safety when we return to work. The issue in dentistry is the production of aerosols during treatment. While our current precautions – high volume suctions and dental dams – reduce aerosols by over 90%, there is still the possibility of viral particles in the air during and after treatment.

We are excited to announce that we have purchased 8 Surgically Clean Air Jade units for our practice. They will be in each treatment room, the sterilization room as well as in our waiting room. These units remove particles such as odours, gases, mold, allergens and viruses from the air in our clinic. They have HEPA filters capable of filtering 99.998% of particles 0.1-0.2 microns in size, which is the size of a typical virus. These filters meet and exceed guidelines for general surgery applications. While this is reassuring due to the current COVID-19 virus situation (COVID-19 virus is 0.12 microns), these units have many other benefits as well.

They not only trap but kill bacteria, viruses and fungi that are in the air. They also degrade VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and trap metals common in dentistry, such as mercury from amalgam filling removal.

On top of all of this, the purified air is then charged with negative ions, re-energizing the air.

Fun Fact: Did you know this is what they do to the air in Las Vegas hotels?! Many people think they add oxygen to it, but it is actually re-ionization of the air!

For more information on what Surgically Clean Air does and how it works, check out this video: