These photos are meant to be educational in nature and are not a guarantee of treatment results.
Each case is different and expectations are discussed with every patient prior to commencing treatment.

Treatment shown was done by Dr. Jennifer Graas.

Case 1:
This patient had a dark central incisor that was covered using a conservative bonding technique as a more economical alternative to a porcelain veneer.

Case 2:
This patient’s front teeth were severely worn because of the way her upper and lower teeth fit together. She had braces by an orthodontist to correct her bite and align her teeth properly. Dr. Graas then used composite bonding to add the length back to the worn teeth prior to braces being removed. None of the patient’s existing enamel had to be removed for this treatment.

Case 3:
Acid wear led to enamel loss and dentin exposure on this patient’s front teeth. Crowns were done to protect from further enamel loss and to restore esthetics.
There are many factors that can contribute to acid erosion of our teeth including diet, certain mouthrinses, swimming pools, and habits such as brushing teeth after drinking an acidic beverage.

Case 4:
New crowns were done on these two central incisors to correct open margins and to improve shade match to the other natural teeth.

Case 5:
Crowns were required to restore these severely worn upper front teeth. This case is in progress and we will post photos of end result when treatment is completed.

Case 6:
Example of single ceramic crown on a molar.

Case 7:
Before/after veneer case.

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