Taking our practice to the next level… introducing our new CEREC Primescan Intraoral Scanner!

No more goopy impressions!!! We just got our new intraoral scanner in the clinic and are starting to make use of it. We will be able to scan our patient's teeth to monitor changes over time (such as tooth wear, shifting, etc) but we will also be able to use it as a replacement [...]

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Another article about the health risks of E-Cigarettes

We are seeing new articles coming out on a regular basis now about the health risks of e-cigarettes, wether or not they contain nicotine... "The common belief is that the nicotine is what is toxic, but we have found that dangers exist, independent of nicotine,” Wehrli said. “Clearly if there is an effect after [...]

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Study linking fluoride intake in pregnant women to drop in child’s IQ

A lot of attention this past week has been brought to a recent study that found fluoride intake among pregnant women to be linked to a small drop in their child's IQ at age 3-4. Below is a link to the response from the American Academy of Periodontology which summarizes their analysis of the [...]

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Start School Smiling Program

We are excited to be volunteering to participate in the Alberta Dental Association and College's Start School Smiling program this year! Start School Smiling is designed to promote dental health to children under age 7. Volunteer ADA&C member dentists will provide a free examination (with bitewing X-rays if needed) for Grade 1 students, from [...]

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Study finds 74% increase in youth vaping in Canada

The results of this study are very concerning... it is important to educate our young patients about the risks of e-cigarettes. "E-cigarettes are supposed to be for adult smokers who have been unable to quit," says Rob Cunningham, Senior Policy Analyst, CCS. "But the results of this new study regarding youth trends are of tremendous [...]

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Dr. Swanlund… our resident artist!

Our patients are always asking to see what Dr. Swanlund has been painting lately! You can see some of his new pieces on his website http://www.cliffswanlundart.com/ He also has a few upcoming events in May: Learn to Paint classesMay 24, 2019 – May 25, 2019 downtown Calgary paint demoMay 21, 2019 [...]

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