Dr. Graas just got back from Nashville and is certified to do Microthin Veneers!

Many people want to improve their smile, but don't proceed with traditional veneers because they don't want to remove any of their natural enamel. There is no doubt that removal of enamel is not favorable for teeth in terms of strength and longevity. What if that wasn't necessary? Dr. Graas was just in "Music [...]

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Why do we include clinical photos in your dental exam?

Taking clinical photos is a very important part of comprehensive exams for patients in our practice. They allow us to document changes in your teeth over time, so that we know when to recommend intervention. For example, it is very common to see wear and acid erosion on teeth, but is it active? Is [...]

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Our office artwork

Many of our patients ask which artist painted the artwork found throughout our new office. The artists name is Sheila Kernan. She is originally from Saskatchewan, but now calls our beautiful city of Calgary home. We are so fortunate to be able to enjoy her colourful and bright work everyday while doing something we [...]

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