One of our big passions at Eau Claire Park Dental is to keep our knowledge and skills up to date with the latest dental techniques and technology so that we can better serve our patients. In April, Dr. Graas and her dental assistant Penny attended a Masters Veneer course together learning the latest veneer techniques.

The most exiting part is that as technology advances, it gives us an improved ability to show our patients the possibilities prior to having any dental work done. Digital Smile Design is a new concept that is becoming more and more popular in dentistry. With models of your teeth, a series of 5 photos and a video, a digital design is made. A mock up is fabricated based on the digital design, and tried in over top of your teeth. This allows us show patients who wish to improve their smile what it would actually look like in their mouth prior to any treatment… like a test drive! It is truly amazing what a positive impact a bright fresh smile can have on your confidence and well being.

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to enhance your smile? Dr. Graas would like to offer 3 patients the opportunity to test drive their smile with a mock up free of charge (a $500 value!).

Feel free to call or email us today if you would like more information on Digital Smile Design and to see if you would be a candidate! 

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