Many people want to improve their smile, but don’t proceed with traditional veneers because they don’t want to remove any of their natural enamel. There is no doubt that removal of enamel is not favorable for teeth in terms of strength and longevity. What if that wasn’t necessary?

Dr. Graas was just in “Music City” (Nashville, TN) learning how to do Microthin veneers. These are veneers that require no removal of enamel. They are bonded on top of your natural teeth to improve your smile. The procedure can even be done without any anesthetic. Dr. Graas is the only dentist in Calgary certified to provide this type of veneer.

While not everyone is a candidate, this is an exciting option we can now offer our patients. Our philosophy is to always be as conservative as possible when it comes to dental treatment, as that is what we would want for ourselves and our families.

You can check out more about Microthin veneers here:

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