Drs Graas and Swanlund are both graduates of the Kois Center in Seattle (Dr. Punnett is well on her way, having completed over 50% of the courses). Our patients often ask us what the Kois Center is, so here goes!

The Kois Center is an evidence based teaching center with the latest advances in esthetic, implant and restorative dentistry. Dentists from all over the world come to the Kois Center to learn about the latest research in dentistry and how they can change and improve their clinical practice for patients. The Kois Center is the only continuing education program in the country conducting and publishing independent research. Ultimately this leads to a higher level of care for our patients as we use the latest evidence based protocols for all procedures.

Here’s a video about the Kois Center that better explains why our Dr’s are so passionate about their continuing education!

Mentor Kois Center Logo
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