As part of our new patient process (and for existing patients that we want to get up to date) we complete a comprehensive evaluation and risk assessment.

The first part of this risk assessment is the online medical and dental forms we ask each patient to fill out prior to their visit. This is of utmost importance, because it allows us to begin to assess any potential areas of risk and be better prepared for your appointment. These forms only take about 10 minutes to do and are best completed on a computer.

When you come for your visit we do a very detailed exam, take necessary x-rays and photographs of your teeth. We look at the gum and bone (periodontal disease risk), how your teeth fit together (your bite), we look at each individual tooth, and how they look (esthetics). You will leave with your own personalized report, which explains everything we discussed and evaluated so that you have a clear picture of your current oral health.

Why do we do this?

We don’t just want to fix problems, we want to understand why they are happening so that we can prevent future issues and ensure any dental work we do do lasts as long as possible. We want to understand what is going well, and what areas we need to focus more on for you. In this video Dr. Swanlund explains this process and why in more detail. We hope you enjoy!