The Canadian Agency for Drugs, Technology and Health (CADTH) recently undertook a Health Technology Assessment (HTA) to comprehensively review the multidisciplinary evidence related to Community Water Fluoridation (CWF). This review sought to address whether community water fluoridation should be encouraged and maintained in Canada through an assessment of its effectiveness and safety, economic considerations, implementation issues, environmental impact and ethical considerations.

One key message that emerged from this report: “There is consistent evidence that CWF protects against dental caries in children and adults and leads to improved oral health outcomes with very uncommon and minor side effects, and the CWF programs are cost saving from a societal perspective”.

If you are interested, the CADTH’s “Evidence Highlights on Community Water Fluoridation Programs” summary document is available at:

Source: CDA Essentials 2019 Vol 6 Issue 4 pg 15-15