1. They clean better, faster: electric brushes remove more plaque from your teeth, gums and tongue when compared to manual brushes.Your teeth will look and feel much cleaner.
  2. Less gingivitis: What does this mean for you? You will find your dental cleaning visits much more pleasant!
  3. Promote healthy brushing habits: most brushes have build in timers and sensors. These features help ensure you are brushing for a full 2 minutes, and not applying too much pressure which could cause gum recession and abrasion of root areas.
  4. Ideal for people with dexterity problems:if you are dealing with arthritis, limited dexterity or tremors electric brushes will make brushing much easier for you!
  5. Different brushing modes: many brushes have modes for sensitive teeth, whitening or gum massaging. You can customize your settings according to your preference.

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