The Canadian Dental Association recently published a study done by Dr. Krystyna Adams out of Simon Fraser University on Dental Tourism. While we mainly see the negative consequences in terms of patient care resulting from dental tourism (to many countries, not just Mexico), there are other repercussions I hadn’t realized or known about. One example is the effect it has on the local residents (

I know there are many factors that would push someone to seek dental care outside of Canada, but cost is by far the biggest one. I have seen several people who sought care outside of Canada and then went on to spend even more money “fixing” the treatment that was done. Many dental treatments are irreversible and some things cannot be fixed (fillings, crowns, veneers, and implants are all examples). I have also seen people have procedures done that are completely unnecessary just because it is so cheap, end up having a lot of issues, and had they just done nothing they would have been in a better position.

The fees for procedures in our practice are based on the quality of care, materials used and the experience our team has. Our goal is to always do what is in your best interests now and in the future, and we make treatment recommendations based on what we would want if it was our mouth. While I wish that we could reduce our fees or offer free treatment, I hope that patients feel comfortable talking to us about any financial concerns they have and that together we can come to a solution to ensure you receive the best care available.

Dr. Graas

For more information and an interview with Dr. Adams, check out this video: