Protecting your teeth from acid attack should be part of an overall balanced diet… these suggestions should help you keep to a healthy eating pattern for your teeth and your overall health!

acid attack on teeth
  • If you have carbonated flavoured drinks, have them over a short time period. Try not to sip, swish or hold the drinks in your mouth. Try substituting pop for sparkling water!
  • If you are going to have juices drink them only with meals. Try to dilute them with water to gradually wean yourself off the taste. Alternatively you could try to substitute water, tea, milk or coffee.
  • Try to avoid putting slices of lemons or limes in your drink regularly to prevent an acid attack on teeth.
  • Try to eat acidic foods with something that contains calcium eg. yogurt, milk or cheese.
  • Try to reduce the amount of vinegar dressings, pickles, and lemon juice based dressings. If you can, avoid having these on foods between meals.