This post summarizes the oral hygiene tips we have posted throughout the blog in the last few months. If you find you are battling gingivitis and want to know how to reverse gingivitis, try these things and we guarantee you will notice a big difference in the next 1-2 weeks!

  1. Brush twice daily: Sorry, once a day just doesn’t cut it. Twice a day is considered a minimum, even better if you can brush a 3rd time!
  2. Use an electric toothbrush: Studies have shown that electric brushes are more effective at plaque removal than manual brushes.
  3. Floss daily: Using a waxed dental floss is usually best, but there are also other oral hygiene aids to help clean between your teeth. Things like the Waterpik (water-flosser), soft pics (G.U.M.), and interdental brushes can be really helpful for those hard to reach areas. For more info, check out our post on the best floss to use:
  4. Use a high pH antibacterial mouth rinse: such as Smart Mouth (
  5. Get professional dental cleanings: at an interval recommended by your dentist/hygienist.
  6. Don’t smoke, chew tobacco, or use e-cigarettes: all 3 of these increase risk of gum disease and oral cancer (not to mention the negative impact on your overall health).
  7. Eat a lower sugar/carbohydrate diet: eating high amounts of sugar can increase the levels of bacteria and yeasts in your mouth. This in turn increases inflammation (gingitivis) AND your risk for cavities.

If the above tips don’t help, there may be something else going on. Sometimes a medical evaluation may be recommended to see if there are any underlying health conditions that could be contributing to your bleeding gums.