Have you ever wondered how healthy your mouth really is? Designed by Evidentiae Technologies, the Oral Health Score is an online, oral health self-assessment that will provide you with an immediate estimate of your oral health. The assessment will provide you with a series of images displaying how “yes” and “no” answers may appear in your mouth and assisting you in accurate assessment. The Oral Health Score is equipped with an algorithm that will analyze your responses and provide you with risk estimates for your gum health, your teeth health, your bite and jaw joint health and your smile attractiveness. These four areas are based on the principles of the Kois Center, one of the world’s most renowned Dental Continuing Education centres from which Dr. Swanlund and Dr. Graas are graduates.

At Eau Claire Park Dental, we use Evidentiae because it is the only software that allows us to provide extremely thorough and personalized dental examinations for our patients. This in turn allows us to help patients prevent painful and costly dental issues, and to enhance the longevity of any dental treatment that may be required. This health score questionnaire is very similar to what our new patients fill out prior to their first appointment.

What’s your oral health score? Find out: https://www.koiscenter.com/patient-education/healthymouth/