Did you know that many toothpastes on the market can be quite abrasive and harmful to your enamel?

Toothpaste choice should be customized to the specific risks and needs of each individual. If you have any tooth wear from grinding, acid wear and/or gum recession, you should make sure your toothpaste has an abrasiveness less than 70. If an abrasive toothpaste has been chosen to whiten teeth, professional whitening is a much better option!

Here is an example of abrasive toothpaste list:

  • Crest vivid white (200)
  • Crest Prohealth (130)
  • Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief (125)
  • Sensodyne Whitening (104)

A good choice is Sensodyne ProNamel, which has a very low abrasiveness of 37.

Which toothpaste do you use? Is it from our abrasive toothpaste list? Let us know in the comments below!